I was lying beside Sarah the other night and it has become a daily ritual whereby I would tug her to bed, read her stories, and wait for her to fall asleep before I continue to work. She would insist I wait till she falls asleep so that she won’t be alone.

That night, though, it took a different turn. As she was about to fall asleep, she turned to me and asked me to go and do my work. She told me she could sleep alone and that she did not want me to work till too late. I was pleasantly surprised, and I thank her for her sweetness and consideration, but I wanted to still lie beside her and wait for her to sleep because I rather enjoy doing that.

I think in our hectic society, life passes so fast and you won’t even notice how things have changed unless you take a deliberate pause and smell the roses. Parenthood can be frustrating at times; but they are equally able to stir the deepest of emotions and gratification.