“The Deep Pockets” is born out of an insatiable curiosity about the money game in which everyone is a willing/unwilling participant.

The pages herein straddle between the layman and the complex. They contain thoughts on investments, daily struggles, financial literacy and independence. They also contain observations and glorious stories of the follies and brilliance of participants.


“You and I know, that one day the orchestra will stop playing and the wind will rattle through the broken window panes… We are all at a wonderful party, and by the rules of the game we know that at some point in time the Black Horsemen will burst through the great terrace doors to cut down the revelers; those who leave early may be saved, but the music and wines are so seductive that we do not want to leave, but we do ask, ‘What time is it? what time is it?’ Only none of the clocks have any hands.” – “Adam Smith”, The Money Game